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Illustrator Junheng Chen has the enthusiasm for drawing mystical themes, often infusing it into artistic visions and cultural background. Junheng Chen has a unique style that combines her extraordinary life with the thing she learned from Pratt. She is raised in China. She learns the traditional Chinese painting when she was a kid. Then she travels to New Zealand for high school education. The multi-cultural background endows her special artistic visions that simultaneously create good composition and color palettes.


For over four years in Pratt, Junheng Chen enters different fields that she is interested in, include education, jewelry design, photography, oil painting and graphic design. Also, she is successful in most of the fields she is interested in, she chooses illustration as her main interest. Every day she goes into her studio to makes art. She considers illustration as the best job in the world, especially under the situation where everyone is working from home. 

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